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FBI criminal Background Check apostille for korea

If you are planning to work in Korea teaching English as a second language, you will need to apostille your FBI Criminal Background Check Apostille. Apostille my FBI can offer you expedited Apostille service in just 4 business days at the cost of $45.00 per document. 


FBI Criminal Background Check is a federal document issued and certified by the FBI. Federal Documents cannot be apostilled at the state level, therefore the FBI Background Check should be apostilled only in Washington DC. To get an apostille, we must have a document in a special form provided to you and certified by the FBI only. Apostille my FBI can apostille either a digital FBI Backgrund Check (the PDF Copy) or a hard copy that you received by mail. Please contact us for details and pricing.


Apostille FBI Criminal Background Check Electronically


Apostille my FBI allows you to request our expedited apostille services electronically. All you have to do is to upload your FBI Criminal FBI Check (the PDF file that you received either from the FBI directly or from one of the FBI Approved channelers). Then, you will need to decide the return mailing options, either to upload your prepaid self-addressed return airway ticket, or you can request a one-day FedEX return ticket  from us for an extra $10.00 and benefit from our vendor discount.


Once Apostille my FBI receives your request, your FBI Criminal Background Check will be printed on tamper proof paper. After that, our messengers will hand deliver your document to the US Department of State to start the apostille process and will receive it back in 4 business days.

Please notice that the processing times may vary due to the Covid- 19 crisis. Please visit our website for more details.


Important reminder: 

You must receive your FBI Criminal Background Check digitally either from the FBI itself or from one of the FBI approved channelers. You cannot scan a hard copy and send it to us, it will be rejected immediately. 

Visit our website for more details



FBI Background Check Embassy Legalization

Some countries require additional certification for FBI Background Checks from their embassy in Washington DC. The apostille process is the same, however, additional fees and processing times apply.

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