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FBI criminal Background Check apostille for korea

If you are planning to work in Korea teaching English as a second language, you will need to apostille your FBI Criminal Background Check Apostille. Apostille my FBI can offer you expedited Apostille service in just 4 business days at the cost of $45.00 per document. 


FBI Criminal Background Check is a federal document issued and certified by the FBI. Federal Documents cannot be apostilled at the state level, therefore the FBI Background Check should be apostilled only in Washington DC. To get an apostille, we must have a document in a special form provided to you and certified by the FBI only. Apostille my FBI can apostille either a digital FBI Backgrund Check (the PDF Copy) or a hard copy that you received by mail. Please contact us for details and pricing.


Apostille FBI Criminal Background Check Electronically


Apostille my FBI allows you to request our expedited apostille services electronically. All you have to do is to upload your FBI Criminal FBI Check (the PDF file that you received either from the FBI directly or from one of the FBI Approved channelers). Then, you will need to decide the return mailing options, either to upload your prepaid self-addressed return airway ticket, or you can request a one-day FedEX return ticket  from us for an extra $10.00 and benefit from our vendor discount.


Once Apostille my FBI receives your request, your FBI Criminal Background Check will be printed on tamper proof paper. After that, our messengers will hand deliver your document to the US Department of State to start the apostille process and will receive it back in 4 business days.

Please notice that the processing times may vary due to the Covid- 19 crisis. Please visit our website for more details.


Important reminder: 

You must receive your FBI Criminal Background Check digitally either from the FBI itself or from one of the FBI approved channelers. You cannot scan a hard copy and send it to us, it will be rejected immediately. 

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FBI Background Check Embassy Legalization

Some countries require additional certification for FBI Background Checks from their embassy in Washington DC. The apostille process is the same, however, additional fees and processing times apply.

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Expedited FBI Background Check Apostille

If you need expedited apostille services for your FBI Background Check at a reasonable price, you are in the right place. United States Apostille created the “Apostille My FBI” website specifically to help individuals obtain expedited Apostille services for FBI Background Checks. The cost is $45.00 per document and the processing time is 4 business days.


There are 2 options to choose from:


  1. FBI Background Check Apostille in electronical format

Apostille My FBI has developed a new system that allows users to upload the FBI Background Check in an electronic format (PDF File). This system eliminates the time wasted in mailing your documents to our office and reduces the cost of mailing as well. However, your FBI Background Check must be issued by the FBI or one of the FBI Approved Channelers in PDF format. You cannot send us a scanned copy of your original FBI Background Check. 


The system also allows users to choose the return mailing options as they can request a one-day FedEX return ticket through our system for an extra $10.00 (so you can enjoy our FedEx vendor discount). Once your request is received, your FBI Background Check will be printed on tamper proof paper and we will start the apostille process.


  1. FBI Background Check Apostille as a hard copy

You can request Expedited Apostille service for your FBI Background Check Apostille as a hard copy. You have to mail us the original Criminal record issued by the FBI along with your payment confirmation and contact information to our office in Washington DC. 


The Apsotille for FBI Background Check is obtained from the US Department of State in Washington DC. The process usually takes 4 business days if the request is delivered by hand, however, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the US Department of State has stopped accepting Apostille requests by hand and we are required to mail it. Visit Apostille My FBI website for complete details on how to obtain our expedited apostille services.

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How to obtain FBI Background Check from the FBI and Apostille it

Are you planning to live, travel, study or work abroad?. If so, you will need to obtain a recently issued FBI Background Check and have it certified with an Apostille or Embassy stamp, depending on your destination country.

 Apostille my FBI has extensive experience certifying FBI Background Checks for international use. We will guide you step by step until you receive your results. We also provide expedited Apostille/ embassy legalization courier services at a reasonable cost. 


Let’s get started


The Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) has recently implemented the Electronic Departmental Order (eDO) option to submit requests and receive results electronically through  FBI secure servers. The new eDO option expedites the FBI background check processing time and allows you to receive your results electronically as a PDF file then upload it to Apostille my FBI to start the Apostille process immediately.


Step One : Request FBI Background Check Electronically from the FBI


  • Visit the Identity History Summary Check Official Website here.

  • Scroll down the page to enter your personal email.


Once you enter your email, you will receive an email from Criminal Justice Information Services edo@services.fbi.gov . The email contains a link and a pin code that you will use to submit your request electronically. 


  • Use the link provided in your email to start the electronic process. You will access the page that contains the legal information about the Electronic Departmental Order eDO. Read it carefully then press continue.


  • Enter the pin code that was provided in your email. 


  • The application is divided into sections as seen in the picture, applicant information, mailing address, preferences, fingerprint card details and payment.



Fill the Applicant Information


  • All fields are mandatory except for your middle name, name suffix, prisoner number (if a previous convict) and your social security number. Although your Social Security number is not mandatory for the FBI, it might be required by the agency that you’re  requesting this record for. 

  • Fill the mandatory sections. Make sure you provide the correct information. Wrong or incorrect information will result in the rejection of your request and may entitle you to legal liability. 


Provide the mailing address


  • You must provide an address where you will receive your result (if you requested to receive an additional hard copy of your results).

  • You may provide an address in the United States or an international address. Be careful to only provide a return envelope using USPS, as this is the only method allowed by the FBI for returning your document.


Complete your Preferences


You will have to decide if you want to:

  • Include your birthday on the result sheet

  • Receive status notification through email

  • Receive an additional hard copy via mail


Submit your payment

  • Credit and debit cards are accepted. The fee is $18.00 per request,  and print your confirmation email.


Step Two: Obtain Your Fingerprint Card

  • If you submit a request electronically directly to the FBI, you may visit a participating U.S. Post Office location to submit your fingerprints electronically as part of your request. You may go to any of the 81 participating U.S. Post Office locations nationwide upon completion of your request.  Additional fees may apply.


  • If you choose to use a U.S. Post Office location, you must complete your application and payment electronically prior to visiting a U.S. Post Office location to submit your fingerprints electronically as part of your request.


  • If you choose not to use a U.S. Post Office location to submit your fingerprints electronically, then you may still mail your completed fingerprint card, along with your confirmation email, to the address listed on your confirmation email.



Step Three: Get Apostille for Your FBI Background Check 


Once the FBI processes your request, you will receive a PDF file for your FBI Background Check.  Once the file is received, visit Apostille my FBI website, upload your document , and we will start the Apostille process immediately. The cost is $45.00 per document and  processing time is 4 business days. Once Apostille my FBI finishes the apostille of your document, we will mail the document to your return address.

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